Selling a house is no easy mission. You need to be satisfied with the party you’re handing your house over to, and the price they’d be paying for it. But after the long haul of negotiations and paperwork when someone finally agrees to buy your house. As much as you’re wanting to celebrate this moment, there is one thing for you to consider though; what now? As much as intimidating as it sounds, here is a list of things you should or can do after selling your house.

1. Handle All the Paperwork with Responsibility

Buy a binder or a file to store all your paperwork in all together. All the papers that needed during the sale of your house is going to go in that binder. You might think you don’t really need it but in truth it’s going to help you a lot in the long run when doing taxes. That being, if you have spent some money in the finishing of your house or renovation of some sort you can claim some part of the tax you’ve paid.

Read all the contracts carefully and thoroughly. Yes, it’s definitely going to be a long read but you what they say “better safe than sorry”. Through hopefully your realtor is going to ahead of everything but again, it’s always best to stay rapt and mindful. There may also be hidden fees that your realtors may or may not have informed you about. You can go through the details just to be sure of everything instead of relying completely on you agent.

2. Everything Related To Money

Taxes are a huge pain for when you own a property but their might have been some details your accountant might have missed on. For starters, you need to check if there is certain exemption in the tax payment that you’re eligible for. This is, if you have been a resident of your primary location you get an exemption of $250,000 on capital gains and twice the amount if you’re a married couple. Apart from that you get exempted some amount if your property is an investment property.

Also, after selling your property if you’re not buying another residence right away you might want to consider depositing your money in a fund that is trustworthy.

3. Get Ready For Home Inspection

After you put your house up for sale, there is obviously going to be a lot of inspection, naturally by the buyers and the agents. They need to make sure that they are not buying themselves into a fraud and that they will have no complaints whatsoever in future after having bought the property. The inspector will explicitly dig in every single corner of your house to look for potential problem and point it out. You need to mentally prepare yourself to get critiqued despite having all renovation and finishing done already.

To prepare for inspection, get repairs done and make your house look good by removing trash. Call a junk removal Westchester service to help you out with dumping everything you don’t need.

How to search for a junk removal service? You use the term junk removal Westchester or New York trash removal and find best companies in your locality.


You may have sold your house, but there are some important things to be done. Follow through with them to ensure a seamless house selling experience.


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