You won’t need any special pieces of machinery for these 5 bodyweight exercises. All you need is some room, a few minutes, and a determined attitude. The only piece of equipment you’ll need is a silicone pad to shield your lower back from the hard surface on which you’ll be doing these exercises.

To make sure your abs receive the respect they deserve, incorporate these core abdominal trainer exercises into your routine.

#1 Burpee

Stand shoulder-width apart and the knees shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on the floor and squat. Keep your hands on the floor and kick your legs behind you to get into a push-up stance. Jump to the top spot by doing a push-up. Draw your legs up fast, holding your hands on the surface, until your feet land back in your hands. Now jump vertically with your palms over your back. That counts as one rep. Besides, you can also buy digital jump rope for doing exercise.

#2 Sit-Up Jackknife

Lie down on your back with your legs spread out on the floor, arms stretched over your head, and palms on the floor. This is where you’ll go. Raise your legs and torso toward each other, leaving both your legs straight and your arms spread to form a “V” formation. Raise your knees as close as perpendicular to the floor as you can when lifting your shoulder blades off the edge. Lower your torso, arms, and legs to the floor by touching your hands to your legs. That counts as one rep.

#3 Mountain Climber

Move yourself to the end of the push-up. This is where you’ll go. Bring your right knee toward your chest while keeping your back straight, then quickly return to the starting position. Return to starting position by bringing your left knee in towards your chest. Increase the tempo of the cycle by rapidly alternating legs as though you were moving in position with your hands on the pavement.

#4 Crunch Oblique

Lie down on the floor on your back. Maintain a 90-degree angle with your legs in the air. With your elbows flared out on the sides, place your hands on the back of your head. This is where you’ll go. Shift your right shoulder into your left thigh by twisting (rotating) your body so your upper back is off the floor and your right elbow is next to or near your left knee. Return to the starting point by lowering yourself. Rep the motion, turning your left arm toward your right knee this time. Reps can be alternated between the right and left hand.

#5 Plank

Assume a push-up stance at the tip. Bend your elbows and lay your forearms flat on the concrete. To hold your back flat, tighten your ab muscles. Be sure the toes are pointing downward. Hold the spot for some time. For oblique strength, add side planks to your routine. To do a side plank, start in a plank position and rotate your right forearm to support you. Extend your left arm into the roof when stacking your left foot on top of your right foot. Roll your body such that your left hand is bearing your weight and your right arm is stretched toward the ceiling.


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