1. Edit through Gmail

Gmail has come ahead with a solution to this problem. It was recently added and to many, it has surely brought happiness. If you have received a file, which has a PDF file attached to it, you will now have a “View” link, along with the “Download” link, that existed previously. After clicking the “View” link, the PDF document will be turned into HTML. Proceed on opening the HTML file in Microsoft Word and save it as .doc. Now you will be able to edit the file, which was previously read-only in Word.

2. Convert PDF online

There are also PDF converters available online. Users prefer them over, purchasing and going through the hassle of installing one. They provide reasonable conversions, which are absolutely free. It only requires uploading the PDF files and entering your email address. After a while when the process is complete, the file is sent to your email address. You can then proceed to edit your files, as you like.

3. PDF to Word Converter

There is another way on the list for editing PDF files. In addition, this method is particularly related to converting PDF files into Word. A good PDF to Word converter has the ability to convert batch files, single file, and even selected pages. It can also rotate PDF and save online. Moreover, it allows users to preserve the original layout, which includes text, images and graphics after conversion.

4. Adobe Acrobat PDF Editing

It is well known amongst users that Adobe Acrobat is the ultimate tool for creating PDF files. Not only that, for it to convert files for you is simply a piece of cake. You just have to open your PDF files in Adobe Acrobat, edit it and then later save it. You can also rotate PDF and save online. However, there is a price for it and it is not cheap. Adobe Acrobat is expensive software, you need to pay quite a bit and get familiar with the features that it offers. The most common and popular complain regarding Adobe Acrobat is that, it makes the computers run slow and acquires a lot of space. Therefore, it may not be everybody’s first choice but it does stand up true to its price.

5. Third-Party Applications

There are many options besides Adobe Acrobat when it comes to editing PDF files. Third-party applications give the ability to the user to extract and pull out different pages from a single document or a number of documents to form one complex document. These applications also allow to rotate PDF document online and save. They are simple and very user-friendly. Even an amateur or a beginner would not have a problem using them. Some of them may not be that good when it comes to altering colors and fixing spelling mistakes so on and so forth. There are also premium versions of them.

That’s it. Use the application or software that suits you best.


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