Big Agnes backpacking tents are one of the most important gear items for a lot of adventure loving people. This tent takes on the role of your house when you’re many miles away from your actual house. Here is what you should know when getting Big Agnes tents to make the most of your outdoor experience.

1. The Time of Usage

The key to buying a good backpacking tent is knowing where and when you’ll be using it. Most of the tents sold in the market these days are for usage in 3 seasons of the year. You should try to buy a tent that’ll work for most of the harsh outdoor weather conditions. Snow camping is another thing, and you’ll need 4 season tents for this task.

2. Casual or Serious Backpacking?

In addition to the weather that you’ll be using the tent in, you’ll also need to consider the type of trips you’ll be looking to use that tent in. You can either go for an affordable option, or go for a great quality tent that’ll serve you well under any condition. As the trails start to get longer, you’ll want to shop for a good quality yet lightweight tent.

At the end, a great quality backpack is the one that matches your hiking style, so, look for the right one that meets your expectations. Cheaper tents are okay if you only need a tent for casual, light usage.

3. Do You Need to Consider the Weight Factor?

Weight is an important factor to consider for many people. Heavier tents are mostly so because they are made from cheaper materials to make them affordable and fit for light usage. They usually weigh around 4 to 5 pounds on average. Depending on how much you’re willing to spend, the tents can even go down to 2 pounds, while still retaining their quality and weather protection potential.

Lightweight tents do make some compromises, for example, as the weight goes down, the durability also does, so does the internal space. The price goes up and so on. So, you should be looking to make some compromises when looking for a lightweight tent.

4. Cost Is Obviously Important

When buying a backpacking tent, you can choose from the price range of $150 to $700, all depending on the type of tents and the quality you’re looking for. The price also depends primarily on the amount of inner space you’re looking to get from the tent. Expensive tents also tend to have easy set up and take down processes, which intrigue lots of customers.

5. Capacity

When it comes down to Big Agnes tents capacity, the average is one to four people and all the sizes are perfect for travel packs. Sleeping pad of 20 inches is usually used for one person, and the two person tents are the most sought after. Single adventurers usually invest in a one person tent to save both money and weight, but some of them still buy the 2 person tents to get more space, and the flexibility to take your partner to the trip as well.


Once you have determined those five factors, getting the right backpacking tent would be a cake walk. Happy exploring!


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