You are not alone. Power retailers have been unkind to all their consumers which have led most of the people to the question that how they can save those hundreds of dollars on electricity. While energy market finds any other way to deliver the public with inexpensive electricity you go through the ideas to conserve electricity.

1. The Appliance Rule

You first need to be extremely vigilant about your appliances that if you are not using them then they should be unplugged because most of the electronic appliances consume electricity even when they are on sleep mode. You might have omitted this but always look for the ratings before you buy appliances and, remember, try to buy appliances which are not too bigger in size as they also consume a higher amount of energy.

2. Use Your HVAC Wisely

Secondly, you need to manipulate your air conditioners and heaters. Insulate your ceilings so that your rooms will remain cool in summer and warm in winters. You can also opt for a damper so that your rooms’ air will not escape plus if you have draught proof your house you will not get air shocks from the temperature outside. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL because you would have forgotten this many time previously that is close all the external doors and windows before you turn on your air conditioners or heaters. Use the timer system of your air conditioners so that you would not be disturbed in the middle of the night by a thought about your ‘bill’. It would be a good idea to use ceiling fans because they consume less electricity plus eco-friendlier than air-conditioners.

3. Public Transport

Using public transport sometimes as your conveyance for office is a not a bad idea. In this way you will be consuming less energy and traffic will also be decreased. Yes! One car makes a difference in traffic.

Same is the case with recycling. Recycling helps save energy. So, when you dispose of junk, use a good Miami Dade County garbage pick up service as they recycle most of the material.


Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) can be a game changer for you. As mentioned above ‘stars’ make a difference to your choice of dishwashers, showers, toilets, urinals, and washing machines. Other than this you can preserve rainwater for activities like gardening, you can use grey water for the same purpose and now you also have the water efficient shower-heads which can help you to get water directly from the water tanks and you would not have to turn on your electric water heater systems.

5. Using Natural Sources

Did you know that you have been contributing to global warming by emitting 14 tons of greenhouse gases every year? Yes! Most of the greenhouse gases are emitted by electricity we use. You can reduce it by using power generated by natural sources which are sun, wind, water, and waste instead of making use of coal, as it is one of the substances that emit the highest amount of greenhouse gases according to many Miami Dade garbage pickup 2017 services. It can be slightly costlier to you depending on the rate of your consumption but it would be a one-time investment which will help you generate inexpensive power for a very long time.


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