Carpets are most susceptible to catch dirt and germs, especially in commercial buildings because everyone comes along with their shoes on. Due to this, the carpets also become faded and stained. Because of the high amount of dirt in the carpets, allergies are likely to be caused. Commercial carpets require regular maintenance and here are some tips for that;

1. Place Walk-Off Mats

It could be a great initiative to keep the carpets maintained and clean. All you would have to do is place the walk-off mats at the doors of the building so that whoever enters, first wipe their shoes and then walk in. By this, the amount of dirt would be reduced that transfer to the carpet. But, these walk-off mats also demand regular cleaning and vacuuming for optimum efficiency.

2. Clean Spills and Spots Immediately

If you leave the spills and spots untreated then, they can become permanent stains that don’t go off easily. In order to maintain the commercial carpets, it’s very important that you clean the spills and spots as soon as they appear so that there they don’t turn into permanent ones and the carpet stays clean.

3. Schedule Deep Cleaning Sessions

Commercial carpets encounter heavy traffic which makes them very dirty in less time. To maintain the commercial carpets and a healthy environment, schedule deep cleaning sessions for the carpets. It is however not possible to do this on your own and you would definitely have to hire the experts for the matter. Scheduling deep cleaning sessions on a regular basis helps the carpet to get rid of even the tiniest particle stuck into the fibers of the carpet and makes it clean and fresh. You can also use commercial carpet cleaning services to do all this for you which may save you money.

4. Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

Well, you cannot deep clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner but you can use the vacuum regularly to eliminate fresh dust particles that haven’t settled into the fibers of the carpet yet. Doing regular vacuum cleaning can increase the life span of the carpet.

5. Avoid Leaving Cleaning Agents in the Carpet

For the purpose of deep cleaning, pros use some carpet cleaning agents for more efficient results. But, the carpet has fibers that can easily absorb water or other cleaning detergents which after drying leave unpleasant marks and stains. Also, if detergents are not cleaned properly, their traces can also be left in the carpet making the cleaning pretty unsatisfactory. So, once the process of cleaning has been completed, preferably by commercial carpet cleaning services, ensure that all the possible traces of detergents and chemical cleaners are washed away. If you are professional services, you won’t be able to worry about it.

6. Get Everyone Involved

Everything goes perfect if you work as a team. Gather all the employees and let them know that it’s everyone’s duty to take care of the carpeting for its maximum life. So, tell them to clean the spills ASAP and wipe their shoes properly while entering the building. These small efforts by everyone can make a great difference and help in commercial carpet maintenance.

These are some very basic and simple maintenance tips that can easily be followed by everyone in commercial buildings. For best results, use professional commercial cleaning service.


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