Sitting in gatherings with smartphones in our hands and swiping or typing away has become a norm for the society we are living in today. This is especially common among young adults and millennials.

Without even realizing it, we have slowly substituted the real world with a virtual one. We give more importance to the people we are engaging in our smartphones than the ones present in the room. And, as abrupt and offensive as it may sound, this is plain rude. You may have unlimited international calling sim card, but this doesn’t mean others should be disturbed.

There is no harm in using a smartphone in public places or friends and family gatherings but there are certain ground rules that need to be laid and followed for its usage. These are nothing more than acts of common sense but in this day and age they might very well be referred to as ‘Smartphone Etiquettes’.

1. Out of Sight

You may have heard this common proverb “out of sight out of mind.” This cannot be more true in case of smartphones. One of the best practices you can adapt is to keep your phone tucked away in your pocket when attending gatherings or meetings. By placing your phones on the table, even faced down, somehow reflects the notion that the people present are not your top priority.

2. Live the Moments, Don’t Snap Them

You do not have to take a picture of every meal you eat or every place you visit. While clicking away pictures you get so indulged in the act that you do not enjoy and live that moment. Learn to live the life not waste it away in gathering meaningless pictures for social media. And in that time if a moment arrives that seems like it should be treasured, click away.

3. Excuse Yourself

If you receive an important call during a date, meeting or a gathering; excuse yourself out politely to take that call and comeback with the phone hidden safely away in your pocket. Remember to make the call as short as possible.

4. Avoid Being Loud

We are living in 2018. The technology has advanced way beyond anything imaginable. You do not have to shout every time you attend a call on your phone with an unlimited international calling sim card for best value mobile plans. We get good reception almost everywhere now. You do not need to let everyone know that you are on a call. Speak quietly whether you are alone or surrounded by people.

5. Keep It Silent

Having set your favorite rap song as your ringtone is pretty cool but it can be bothersome for many. Imagine passing the ER in a hospital or attending church on a Sunday and your phone starts blaring ‘Rap God’. Setting loud songs as ring tones isn’t always cool and can sometimes lead to public embarrassment. If you’re out of the country, choosing a good unlimited international calling sim card is also important.

6. Respond

When you get text messages, emails or missed calls on your phone; respond in a timely manner. People trying to connect with you truly care for you. By replying late to them or completely avoiding them, you are being rude to the people who genuinely care about you (except you have a genuine reason for avoiding them). Develop a habit to respond to people as fast as you can.

There is a lot more we can share with you in regards to smartphone etiquettes but for now, if you are able to implement all or few of these practices in your life, you’ll be making a lot of people happy including yourself.


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