No one can better understand the significance and use of a wheelchair than a physically challenged person. Wheelchairs have really helped millions of people. Any physically challenged person can gain mobility with a portable electric chair and participate in most of the activities like friends, family members and colleagues. There are thousands of people for whom it became possible to go to their workplaces with help of portable electric chairs. In short, electric wheelchairs have changed lives and facilitated millions of people who were first unable to move.

Here are the 7 Facts About Electric Wheelchairs You Don’t Know:

In this post, we have listed all the top and interesting facts about portable electric chair that most people have never known before. Let’s check these out:

1) Origin

There might be various reports about how the idea of a wheelchair was developed. But a photo from 525 CE from China shows a man using a wheelchair. So most of the historian believe this was the first time people perceived the idea and found a way for physically challenged people to gain mobility

2) Patent

It was 1869 when the first patent for wheelchair was granted. So it can be said that first wheelchair was issued in the same year. Interestingly, it was the same year when first plastic patent was patented. Thus, wheelchair and plastic have the same history and are equally old.

3) Wheelchair Users

According to the report of US Census Bureau, there are 3.6 million people in the US that are using wheelchairs. Their age is between 15-65 years. Whereas there are 1.8 million people who use wheelchairs and have ages above 65.

7 Facts About Electric Wheelchairs You Don’t Know

4) Electric Wheelchair Market

The number of people using electric wheelchairs are increasing day by day. According to a report, the electric wheelchair industry will see a hike in wheelchair demands by 2025 globally. Also, the world has seen a growing demand in the use of electric wheelchairs showing more and more people are suffering from health issues.

5) Wheelchair Ramps

This is really an interesting fact that 98% public transit buses in America are equipped with wheelchairs. That means, every person who needs a wheelchair when gets on public transport in the US will be given a wheelchair. This is amazing that how the world respects and feels the pain of physically challenged people.

6) Wheelchair Graduates

Previously manual wheelchairs were popular but as technology is getting better, more people are interested in portable electric chair and electric wheelchairs. According to a recent study, 17% of working-age wheelchair users have jobs whereas 11% adult wheelchair users are college graduates.

7) The US President

Franklin Delano was an American statesman and political leader. Later, he served as the 32nd President of the United States. He was given the charge of US President in 1933 and he remained on the post until his death in 1945. Interestingly, Franklin used a wheelchair from 1933 to 1945 as the US president every single day.


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