Generally, people are unaware of the mistakes they make while drafting a Resume which is an extremely important document for their career. We have gathered some of those common mistakes below,

1. Typo and Spelling Errors

Some people neglect these errors as if they don’t hold any importance while this is not the case in reality. Resume is the first thing that an employer has about your presence and it should be good enough to make a reputed impression in advance. As much as the resume is professional and error proof, the chances of getting a job are higher.

2. Unprofessional Email Address

This is a huge mistake that can bring down your reputation in seconds and can be the reason of just skipping your resume and scroll next without looking at other main content. Make sure your email address is professional without any fancy name, numbers or symbols to let the employer has thorough look on main content.

3. Unspecified Details

This means not mentioning your previous job description or accomplishments properly which can immediately grab attention of employer. Selection of words is extremely important for these details which decide whether you should be considered for this job or no. So, make sure to be very specific about details you are mentioning in these portions of your resume.

4. Using Same Resume for All Jobs

This is very common that people do not bother to amend resume as per the specific job requirement which is different in every case. Using same resume for different job natures is only going to add your resume in unconsidered folder, no matter how perfect you are for that job.

5. Generic Objective

Well, this is another blunder when people try to make their objective extra cheesy in efforts of making it efficient. No doubt, good objectives are very important for any resume but make sure it is not cheesy or not portraying something extraordinary as compared to the other content mentioned in your resume.

6. Making Too Long or Too Short Resume

Some people try to include each and every information in their resume which is not even relevant for the required job nature while some people do not mention even the required information. Both factors are the reasons of putting your resume in a bin directly without giving it any consideration. Always remember that too long and too short resume is never a good thing when you really need to have a sound job. Recommended length of resume is maximum two pages and minimum one complete page.

7. Font Selection

This mistake is generally made by the beginners who consider fancy fonts for their resume and perceive it as a viable option while this leads them nowhere in a professional world. Make sure you have researched properly about professional fonts and sizes to be used in resume and understand their importance to be considered by professional firms and employers.

Conclusively, you must go through some professional samples and templates before drafting one for yourself so you can avoid as many mistakes as possible. Also, you should have access to a good PDF or word editor to do this. You may also need to merge PDF online free, for that, you can use online editors as they combine files too.

Other than knowing how to combine PDF online free, you should have access to a good proofreader too. You can use Grammarly or Ginger for that. Good luck!


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