These days, there is no truck of your grandpa’s time. You’re taking things home from a furniture store, going camping, and carrying the dogs next to the park. It’s how things must be messy. If you want to protect the cargo area’s original carpeting or other parts of your SUV, you need help.

We disgust to smash it to you. But, your tape and tarp solution is not heading for work in the extended haul. These mats and liners have made to good fit a large selection of cars. These include SUVs, cars, trucks, and minivans.

It means we’re going to talk about a mat that will care for your OE if you want to tow something untidy in the cargo. Let’s know more about it before you look for “2018 Mazda CX-5 all weather floor mats.”

WeatherTech Cargo Liners

WeatherTech floor liners are not just performing a great job of keeping your car carpet; they also look cool. They have measured and cut by laser. So, they have a geometric pattern with availability in some different colors.

Because they have customized to the make and model of your vehicle, they fit well like a hand glove. Just get them out along with hosing them down when it comes to clean the cargo liners.

That’s it and easy to clean. These cargo liners have also been backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty when you need more convincing.

3D Maxpider Kagu Cargo Liner

Are you heading to the beach frequently? Or, you might often be opening the rear door in a rainy environment. Either way, the waterproof liners are great to protect your car.

As a result, these liners are a good choice for your car. They come with a 3-layer thermoplastic rubber-made structure. So, they ensure no entry of water or any other moisture to your original carpets. Also, they prevent the inner layers that are both shock and sound absorbent.

They have raised edges that help you to keep your car away from water and dirt when you drive. When you don’t need to use the liners, you can store them by folding. And you can use them again when you need them.

WeatherBeater Cargo Liners

These liners are so durable that they allow you for hunting boots with wakeboards and even wet cloth. You don’t have to fear whether they will damage your car carpet. These liners fit well for your car because they have been measured and cut using laser technology.

So, they fit better for many types of cars, SUVs, CUVs, and minivans. They have made by flexible buy stronger rubberized plastic. Also, these liners stand up to cold and hot weather like a champion. There is a nibbed under the liners that help them to keep in a place without slipping.

As a result, you can go across windy roads or get going over speedbumps. In any case, these liners remain in the same place you put them because of their custom fit.


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