Here, we will talk about how a smartphone helps one to make their card payments. We cannot but share that we have received thousands of questions from the people on this topic.

Mainly, they want to know that do they need extra hardware or something for the mobile payment. Even some people worry about the process of the automotive payment. So, we assure you that you have to follow some easy steps.

Mostly, you will get many options to pay via your mobile. Here, we will present only two ways for you. One is mPowa, and another is iZettle. However, if you want to attach hardware, it’s also possible.

But, it requires some extra charge. If you’re going to make a mobile card payment without hardware, then the below content is for you. So, before you look forpayment orchestration platform, let’s begin!

The Difference

Firstly, one does not swipe your card when you make your payment via mobile. But you have to enter some data using a mobile camera. It will take time as fast as swiping. However, there are some cons and pros to mobile card payment.

Before we present the cons and pros, let’s know how it works. Well, we hope that you already know the ways of online card payment. You get one form and enter all the data, and then submit. Here, you have to do the same job, but you will get the form in your mobile app.  


Now let’s talk about the pros of mobile card payment. So, keep your eyes on the below.

  • No Hardware and Additional Providers 
  • First of all, one does not need to attach or buy hardware or anything.
  • Here, you need one merchant account, and you have to stick it to your payment provider. Then, you have to enter your details manually and then submit your expense.

It is fast

Now we will present one of the fantastic things about mobile card payment. Even many people love this method. Because they can make payments in a short time by using their smartphone, sometimes, it works faster than swiping cards.

You have to follow easy three steps such as scan, provide data, and confirm. So, you can easily use it when you are in a hurry.


First of all, make your card payment via mobile is very flexible. Mostly, you do not need to add any separate app for payments. You will get all the required items to build in the app.

Possible Cons

Now let’s talk about some possible cons of the smartphone card payment option. Mostly, to avoid any problem, you have to be very aware.  


We know not everybody will trust one to allow card scanning. Even people may think that you take the photo for doing something evil. Indeed, it is not secure to swiping the cards. But the fact is it is not like how many people think about it.

Card Limits

Lastly, we will talk about the card limit. Most of the time, people keep a low limit for card payment. So, sometimes, you can face a problem if your client has less limit to pay you.


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