Having the right materials makes a world of difference. It allows you to separately pack each piece so that nothing tangles together or gets scratched up. 

Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your cherished jewelry becoming a giant knotted ball of mess. 

As someone who just recently moved homes, I get it. When I opened my jewelry box and saw the avalanche of tangled necklaces and earrings staring back at me, I felt completely overwhelmed. 

How would I ever get this organized in time to the movers for moving boxes Calgary to pack up?

Like most people, much of my jewelry collection holds special sentimental value from years of gifted heirlooms, travel souvenirs, and other meaningful moments I wanted to protect. 

Invest in Specialty Organizers

The first thing I did was purchase specialty organizers designed specifically for jewelry storage and travel. This included:

  • Soft jewelry rolls with multiple compartments
  • Stackable containers in various sizes
  • Sealable plastic bags and bubble wrap envelopes

Having the right materials makes a world of difference. It allows you to separately pack each piece or set so that nothing tangles together or gets scratched up. 

Don’t rely on makeshift materials that could damage your valuables. Splurge on products made for jewelry.

Group and Sort Methodically

I laid out all my jewelry on a flat surface and sorted them into clear groupings – necklaces, pairs of earrings, rings, bracelets, etc. The long necklaces and chains were the biggest challenge, so I made sure to hang them up neatly first.

I also set aside any fragile heirloom pieces that required extra special care into their own labeled piles. Everything got sorted into a specific jewelry type. This organized approach made it much less overwhelming.

Utilize Protective Wrappings

Some items warranted an added layer of protection:

  • Antique and fragile pieces went into individual padded envelopes or jewelry bags marked “delicate”
  • Diamonds, pearls, and precious gemstones got wrapped in soft cloth or bubble wrap
  • Items prone to tarnishing were individually bagged

Don’t let your valuables bang around unprotected. Make use of protective coverings whenever possible.

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Carefully Layer as You Pack

With my sorted groups, I packed my organizer boxes in careful layers:

  • First, I lined the bottom of the boxes with bubble wrap or soft cloth
  • Next, I placed a single layer of stacked containers filled with jewelry pieces
  • In between stacks, I filled empty spaces with filler (packing peanuts, paper shreds)
  • Repeated process, sealing and labeling boxes once full

The filler material kept everything immobilized inside, preventing shifting and scratches during transport.

Special Packing Methods to Prevent Knots

No more dealing with impossible knots! Here are two packing tips for long necklaces and chains that worked brilliantly:

The Straw Method

Simply feed each long necklace through its plastic straw. Use tape to secure the ends of the straw together. 

Pack straws flat or upright in boxes. The straws maintain the shape of chains while preventing frustrating tangles!

The Paper Towel Roll Method

  • Make “nests” out of crumpled paper towels and place jewelry items inside
  • Set each nest upright inside an empty paper towel roll tube
  • Pack tubes carefully into a box lined with padding

This both cushions and prevents knots! With some strategic materials and these packing techniques, I finally packed up my cherished jewelry collection successfully. Follow these tips, and you can make moving day much less stressful for your jewelry memories as well!


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