No matter where you take your car, there is always a risk of spoiling it. Not only your car’s exterior but proper maintenance of the interior is also important.

From your regular routine, your car’s carpet is bound to be damaged. That’s why you need protection for the floor of your vehicle.

5D, 6D, 7D car floor mats are the latest addition to this market. It protects your car from damage, also gives it an elegant look, style, and comfort.

Before you go shopping for your Audi a3 accessories, here is a brief look at how your car’s interior can be changed.

5D-6D Car Mats

Today’s new floor mats are 5D or 6D floor mats, overcoming multiple drawbacks of the old floor mats. The 5D-6D floor mat has a very unique arrangement that contains all five levels, including:

  • High-class waterproofing, moisture-proof, antibacterial leather handles
  • Smooth elasticity produced by sponges
  • Molded seamless link
  • The soundproof effect of the XPE foam layer
  • The cover of thorns is fixed

6D auto floor mats are distinct from 5D. Besides having a rubber puppet plate on top, this tangle helps hold sandy dirt, waterproof, increase skin surface protection, and quicker drying.

7D Car Mats

The most expensive car mats that have a premium appeal and class-apart characteristics are 7D car mats. These are customized car mats and are integrated with double layer protection that prevents the water from soaking in the car as per your car’s interiors.

It has a dense coil mat coating that provides the vehicle with a flattering fit in the footwell that holds all the mud, water, and grimes in its grooves and has anti-skid properties for optimum comfort and cleanliness. You can use them in various colors and get them personalized according to your vehicle’s needs from a reputed accessories shop.

Advantages of 5D-6D-7D Floor Mats

For each model and model of car, 5D, 6D, and 7D automotive floor mats are specially made. The carpets are made using CNC cutting technology, so the carpet’s specifics match the floor perfectly.

The accelerator pedal area, the critical positions such as the up and down area, are specifically managed to ensure absolute safety. The car floor, doors, ledges, etc., are entirely protected by the carpet, shielding the felt layer underneath, securing 100 percent of the car floor.

The Audi floor mats 5D-6D-7D can be claimed to be a high-quality commodity. The carpet offers many advantages in terms of application. It also has a high aesthetic appeal. With trendy styles, the automobile room is more prevalent and spacious. The thickness of the carpet and soft colors suggest a class.

Problems with 5D-6D-7D Floor Mats

The drawbacks are significantly “high costs” of floor mats 5D – 6D – 7D.

However, according to many users, the 5D, 6D, 7D car floor mats provide a lot of value for money. You do not need to overthink about the price of car floor mats for a long time, on the other hand.

To save some money while buying these car floor mats, look for tailor shops that specialize in wholesale and retail to purchase carpets at the lowest prices. So, do your research before buying.


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