Firstly, the fall season is the best season of Michigan. The people of Michigan like the summer and another season as well. But they love and enjoy the fall mornings most.

Moreover, sometimes it is better to enjoy the humidity that below a hundred percent for a while. One can select a regular jacket to enjoy the morning with 55º. If one lives near Grand Haven hike or wants to visit for a few days, then try something different.

To see these significant places, you can try the north face jacket (raincoat). Hopefully, it will be your perfect friend while traveling in Michigan. So, before you look for “north face rain jacket men,” continue reading on getting better ideas about fall hikes near Grand Haven.

Rosy Mound

If you are thinking of traveling Grand Haven, then you have another one option, and that is Rosy Mound. You can see there any time of the year. The Rosy Mound is best for attractive sights of the sea beach and dunes.

Indeed, one cannot beat this hike at any season. Additionally, the Rosy Mound is also best for family trips. Most importantly, you can visit this place with your kids. We assure you that the kids will be delighted to see this place.

Therefore, you may need one perfect rain jacket to visit during the rainy season. So, the north face jacket will be the best option if you travel in the rainy season.

Nature Preserve of Minnie Skwarek

The Nature Preserve of Minnie Skwarek is another beautiful place in Michigan. It takes only 15 minutes from the grand haven. You will be amazed to see the upland meadows, songbird s, and wetlands.

Also, it has trail snaking over the hardwood forest. Most importantly, you will get a beautiful look if you visit in the fall time. Moreover, you will see the bright and shiny colors of nature during the fall. This place will provide both boardwalks and hiking trails.

Therefore, you must keep in mind to carry a perfect rain jacket in this place. At last, Minnie is the best place for hiking and feel the beauty of nature.

Robinson Forest

Now we will present another beautiful place that is Robinson forest. Mainly, it is best for the little journey in the fall hike. This place does not offer any hiking track. But it is an incredible forest that has mixed hardwoods, pine trees, and conifers.

Indeed, it is also best for the hiking of the off-trail. Most importantly, it is close to the grand haven. So, you do not need to concern about having lost.

Moreover, it is open land; that is why you have to select bright color clothes while the hunting period. Also, you will get several bright colors on the north face jacket.

Creek Park of Pigeon

The creek park of pigeon is best for the long hiking. You will get bottomland forest, old pine, and deciduous forest near this place. Most importantly, you will get a fantastic look at Pigeon and Pine river during the fall time.

Hemlock Crossing

The hemlock is the best for the picnic spot. The wooden bridge of pedestrians is the main attraction of this place. Lastly, we will suggest you that never forget to carry a north face jacket to visit these places.


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