This year, if they’re brave enough to experiment with the standing quo and accept Bitcoin, the company is a standing symbol. Whether it’s for staying up with time or marketing purposes, lots of companies benefited by getting early adopters; that’s why we’re here going to discuss some companies that accept Bitcoin.

Although we have made a list of some of the Keep a Bit companies that receive Bitcoin as payment, you’ll find many more if you look for them. So, before you search for Keep A Bit review, let’s know about the companies that accept Bitcoin as one of the payment systems.


This is a world-famous software company. Since 2014, they’re accepting Bitcoin to pay for their Xbox Store. They had paused temporality for some days because of their volatility.

But, they’re accepting it now once again for credits of the Xbox Store. In this case, Bill Gates commented on the use of Bitcoin many times. And he said that this way of payment is better and secure than currency.


It’s another leading company that accepts payment with Bitcoin. So, it’s great for the field of cryptocurrency and shopping. The company is not just accepting it as a payment system; they’re also holding this.

This is the type of vendor that likes to help the Bitcoin community in the greatest possible ways. For the long haul, they’re in this and use it as their marketing ploy. They have ensured that you can choose Bitcoin as your payment method while checking out.

Home Depot

Home Depot is one of the biggest chain of hardware stores in the U.S. The adoption of Home Depot is huge since it suggests that you may basically construct your whole building by buying materials using Bitcoin. Home Depot accepts Bitcoin payments built in their stores through Flexa’s checkout systems.


This company was disappointed with this payment method of Bitcoin initially. They did it right after reporting that they’re going to accept Bitcoin payment in 2019. But, they later clarified that it was a wrong report.

They stated that they’d not accept Bitcoin as a direct payment. Instead, they’ll be the partner with the exchange Bakkt of the future. And they’ll not accept Bitcoin before mid-2020 until the app of the Bakkt launches.


Just by investing money at the shop you use every day, Lolli lets you get free Bitcoin! You use your credit card to receive Bitcoin free of charge. Major brands such as Walmart, Plane, Group on, Overstock, Go daddy, Macy’s, CVS, and virtually all other websites have these shops.


With Coincards, you will use Bitcoin to purchase gift cards from over 140 retailers. CoinCards may also be used to pay for the phone cards. If the shop you choose to order from does not accept Bitcoin, CoinCards are very helpful.

With gift card services, including CoinCards, Bitcoin is embraced by almost all. And because CoinCards is the one who orders the gift cards, your identity remains secret, so you can buy without revealing your identity from any of their sponsored stores (even in-store).


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