Everybody knows how important it is to remove your makeup before you get to bed. As, doing otherwise is not going to do you anything good, rather can give you clogged pores, which lead to acne. Precisely, you have to let your skin relax during the night. It is necessary to keep it alive. So, no matter how desperate you are to jump on to your bed immediately, you need to remove makeup first.

Here are 4 Best tips from Experts Makeup removing tips that come right from the skincare pundits:

1) Always Pre-Cleanse

It is something like a prep before actually getting your makeup removed. You can use a makeup wipe, plain old water, or a cleansing oil for this purpose. Using homemade make up remover wipes is a good idea as they provide nourishment to your skin. The makeup artist, Justin Tyme advises to remove the face makeup before you use the facial cleanser. Otherwise, you are just mixing the makeup with dirt and distributing it across the open pores.

2) Steam Your Face

Consider steaming your face before washing. You do not have to do much in this regard. Just take a bowl of hot water and put your face above it to take in the steam for one to two minutes. This process will loosen the pores and they would allow the cleanser to penetrate deep into the skin to remove debris and makeup.

Makeup Removing – 4 Best Tips From Experts

3) Pay Extra Attention to Your Eyes

Do you know that your favorite mascara is known to reduce your eyelashes? It is not a myth. It has been reported by more women than you think. Besides, liner and mascara are the most difficult to take off. Adding more to the trouble, you cannot scrub as the area under discussion is way sensitive. So, take a cotton dab and saturate it with the homemade make up remover. Hold it tight against your eye and let it be for a minute or two. After that, rub it gently from side to side. The key here is not to rush; you have to wait for the makeup to break down all by itself. If doing this does not completely remove they eye makeup, take clean mascara wand, brush it in your lashes to take off the remaining mascara or liner.

4) Use Homemade Make Up Remover

Using natural, made-at-home makeup remover not only gives better results but also takes less time. Tyme suggest coconut and olive oil for making a homemade moisturizing cleanser. You can also add witch hazel (diluted, if you have a sensitive skin) to it. Apply the solution on your face and massage in circular motion for a few moments. After that, rinse it by using a warm water or damp towel. You can also make at-home makeup remover wipes, which are easy as well as safe to use. Many makeup artists have recommended using DIY makeup remover products as those coming in market are responsible for acne breakout, clogging and many other skin conditions.


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