The unique way I crash my kids’ lives is one of the striking accountabilities of being a father. There is little and more rewarding than looking at the great parts of you that come to life in your kids. This has among your greatest joys to view your daughter share in your love for music.

Also, you may find that your son, who you just taught the ways to cast for fishing. And he does the same as his little brother does. Sadly, this is not only the most excellent part of you that they try to be like.

You’re not sure the greatest among you have resistant to this practice. That’s why we’re here with some bad or negative effects of dads that impact their kids. So, before you look for the balancing blocks game, let’s know more about this issue.

Taking Your Baggage

Nobody can grow up in a faultless house with an ideal upbringing. In some parts, you bring baggage from your upbringing into your adult lives. It may frequently be observed in the processes of coping that made us experience difficult situations.

This may also be your children’s unrealized ambitions or the repercussions of abuse and addiction. If you don’t unpack it (sometimes a counselor needs it), this is one of the bad consequences dads have for their children. Your luggage is going to make their baggage.

Helicopter Parenting

No father wants to see their kids hurt. It can appear to be a rite of passage to take your child to a cast or stitches emergency room. We would not all like to go.

Having said this, there is a thin connection between not wanting your children to suffer and trying to protect them. So, they can not improve their ability to cope with hardship when they shelter their children from any potential bad consequences.


Children are unforeseeable. This is a gift in many instances. It is when you perceive them in extraordinary ways, show amazement, inventiveness and mercy. But they may also astound you by their immaturity and recklessness.

They can irritate us. Inevitably, if they put a hole in the mural or throw cranberry juice over the white teapot, you will be on the edge of losing it. So, you shouldn’t astonish if you accept the urge to lose it.

Telling Lies

Children should know that they can rely on their fathers. If you say, we will take them out or play a game with them somewhere. Do not follow on.

You might become irritated and think you can’t depend on it. The repercussions on their life might be catastrophic if children cannot trust their dads to be honest and forthright.

Excusing Your Own Bad Manners

Wouldn’t it be good if all of your negative conduct just erased right now, you became dads? Habits in you, however, are usually more difficult to shake. In these instances, the enticement is to explain the conduct away.

But it can be detrimental to dads who do it. So, it would help if you educated children that hypocrisy is the norm in our households, rather than accept responsibility for your faults.

One more thing, you should be honest and friendly with your kids. You should also give them quality time and can gift them “stem learning kits”.


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