I essentially wonder and freak out how I’ll work when we end any of the below ingredients. And don’t consider that I am overstating here. You have in your list as the staple foods; you can’t even imagine living without them.

That means it’s almost impossible to work if you don’t have your enlisted staple foods. Indeed, this is not something you’re talking too much about them. In reality, you should have the staple foods you use to make your food.

If you don’t have one or some of them, you can’t make food and live without them. So, before you look for food topping, let’s know about the staple foods you can’t live without.


I usually use milk for one food of the day. But, this has touted as the most vital one in the breakfast. So, it’s almost impossible to function without milk to make a bowl of homemade granola cereal.

Although it requires some other things like fresh berries, milk is the must-have one for it. As a result, I can’t imagine my morning without milk.


You can use eggs in many homemade baked items. And it’s the right staple to come to the save if you don’t identify what to consume! Also, it’s easy to beat easily and quickly to make scrambled eggs at any time. When you like to kick things up to a great notch, you should first crush them with a few leafy greens.


It’s another essential thing when it comes to breakfast. Also, you can catch it with about 24 sticks of butter in the freezer at any time. I can’t make any quick fry or granola without using eggs and butter.

Or heat excess of other simple dishes in the repertoire. As a result, butter is one of the must-have staples in the morning and many other times in the day.

Whole-Wheat Flour

Making the processed things mean you’re cooking from scratch. It’s the way to go. Also, it’s tough to prepare things like muffins, waffles, tortillas, pancakes, and even cookies without using flour. So, if you want to make these items, you should have whole-wheat flour at home. One more information I would like to join that, you can search for “European cocoa powder” in order to get the cocoa powder.


The recent growth spurt of my daughter has made us get extra sure that I always get oats on hand. She eats different types of snacks when she is hungry. But, she likes more to have is overnight oats.

And I don’t feel to help her make some other things. I love to go with these ready to eat things in the fridge. As a result, oats is another staple for me to make many things for my daughter and me.

Raw Nuts

Nuts are a portable snack as well as a filling. And don’t forget, they are quite crucial when I talk about my favorite granola! You may seriously add nuts to a large number of dishes or toss them with a dry fruit mix in the lunch box. You don’t know what to bring about this. The best of us is happening.


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