This Super Bowl is nearly here, and no matter who you root for, wine always comes out on top. You are always welcome to join the Bright Cellars family! This year’s Super Bowl looks a little different, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with Super Bowl snacks and appetizers.

With these Super Bowl appetizers and wine pairings, you’ll be ready to hit the tailgate grounds (or the sofa). Are you unsure about the type of wine you prefer?

So, take our simple wine survey, and we’ll match you with wine based on your taste preferences! Therefore, before you look for white wine bottles for sale, let’s know about the pairings.


It’s Super Bowl Sunday wouldn’t be complete without it. If you want a big pepperoni, pair it with a medium- to full-bodied red wine such as Sangiovese, Nero d’Avola, or Cabernet Franc. These reds all combine nicely with tomato sauce and red meat. Thanks to their vibrant fruit notes, a hint of spice, and mild tannins.

Cheese pizza goes well with a medium-bodied red wine like Barbera — a classic Italian wine with tart cherry and dry herbs flavors. So, check out our guide on mixing pizza with wine if you prefer to get creative with your toppings!


Traditional BBQ, buffalo, dry rub, honey BBQ sriracha — the world of wings are broad. Pair hot wings with somewhat sweet and fragrant wine, such as Gewürztraminer.

An off-dry Riesling may also suffice! You’ll want a slightly sweet, low-ABV wine with spicy cuisine in general. So, check out our Wine and Wings guide for all the spices and sauces under the sun.

Mozzarella Sticks

Crunchy, fried dishes, such as mozzarella sticks, demand to combine with sparkling champagne. The bubbles cut through the fat, and sparkling wine is perfect for parties.

Pour yourself a drink of our Stigma Sparkling Wine! Flavor notes of white peach, lychee, citrus flower, and honey may find in this fragrant sparkling wine.

Jalapeño Poppers

Spicy jalapeo poppers, another game day favorite, go great with sparkling champagne. We’re not simply combining these because you can pop them both. So, the bubbly’s mild fizz will balance off the heat.

Pigs in a Blanket

The Midwest is shining brightly. When you’ve never had buttery, smoky bliss like pigs in a blanket, now’s the moment. Hot dogs covered in breading are the perfect finger food for this Midwestern classic.

With pigs in a blanket, pair a semi-sweet Riesling or Gruner Vetliner. Could we recommend our Jumble Sale Riesling? So, it’s a medium-sweet Riesling with flowery and tropical flavors on the nose, followed by apple and lime on the palate.


The low-maintenance game day snack involves simply a trip to the grocery store. Yet it delivers a Mediterranean flavor experience. Enjoy naan, bagel chips, or falafel, or go for a healthy option with carrots and celery.

We hate to complicate matters, but not all hummus has made equal. Pair this Mediterranean dip with its Grecian twin, Assyrtiko, if you’re going for regular hummus. Santorini’s Assyrtiko is a crisp, tangy white wine. You can also use personalised white wine bottle for making the occasion more special.


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