Web design trends come and go in tandem with technological developments. It’s crucial to remain abreast of current web design trends to adapt to the ever-shifting digital world. It is a great way to provide consumers with more amazing agency over browsing experience and cater to preferences.

This article discusses the following trends in web design 2023 and how you may adjust your site accordingly. Therefore, continue reading before you look for Orlando web design company.

Dark Mode Design

In the last several years, dark mode design has skyrocketed in popularity, and experts predict this trend will continue until 2023. Darker color schemes are becoming more popular as an alternative to the standard white backdrop for websites. It’s simple on the eyes and may make a website appear sophisticated.

To adjust to this pattern, you may include a dark mode option on your website so visitors can choose between dark and bright themes. Many widely used applications and websites have already begun to include this functionality due to its rising popularity. 

Altering the color of the background is one of many things that must be done to go to a dark mode, though. Changing the hues of the text, images, and any other elements that you want to stand out against the black background is another step you will need to take. 

You will require the assistance of a knowledgeable site designer familiar with the significance of color contrast and accessibility if you want to accomplish this objective.

3D Designs

Another trend in web design expected to rise in popularity in 2023 is using three-dimensional structures. Sites that implement them get a leg up on the competition by providing visitors with a novel way to interact with the content. Graphics, animations, and even whole worlds may all be created in 3D.

Incorporating 3D components into a website’s design is one way to keep up with the times. You may utilize a 3D animation to walk consumers through a lesson or product demo or include a 3D illustration on your homepage. 

Technological issues are unique to implementing 3D designs, such as minimizing page loads and guaranteeing browser and device compatibility. To ensure your 3D ideas appear excellent and run properly, it is essential to collaborate with an experienced web designer or 3D artist.


Micro-animations are tiny animations that give things like buttons and icons on a website a little bit of life. By providing visual feedback and making interactions seem more alive and exciting, they improve the user experience. By 2023, the predominance of this trend, which has been rising in popularity throughout the last few years, will have increased significantly.

If you want your website to seem modern, consider adding subtle animations. For instance, clicking a button may involve little movement, and the color of an icon may change as the cursor hovers over it. The consumer experience on your website might be considerably improved with these additions. 

Micro-animations may add a nice touch to your site but use caution since too many might bother or distract your visitors. Collaborating with an experienced web designer is essential so that your micro-animations provide value without becoming distracting.

Voice User Interface

The term “voice user interface” (VUI) refers to using one’s voice to operate a computer or mobile device. Because of the popularity of voice-activated digital assistants like Siri and Alexa, VUI is forecast to explode as a 2023 web design trend. 

With VUI, by implementing with the help of Orlando web design company, users may browse and navigate websites more efficiently and independently. Voice-activated capabilities may be added to a website to meet the needs of this growing market. You may implement voice interaction with your website in several ways. 

However, VUI implementation requires thoughtfulness on user privacy and security, in addition to technical factors such as the accuracy of speech recognition and browser and device compatibility.


To maintain relevance and competitiveness in the digital age, it is essential to keep up with the current trends in web design. You may improve user experience, increase engagement, and lead the pack by taking advantage of these trends on your website. 

Dark mode designs, 3D components, micro-animations, voice user interface, and minimalistic design will all experience an uptick in popularity in 2023. 


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