The practice of burning sage, also called smudging, is an old spiritual rite.

Smudging is a well known Native American tribal practice, albeit it isn’t followed by all tribes. Its usage is due to the traditions of numerous Native American peoples. Lakota, Chumash, and Cahuilla peoples are some of them.

Similar ceremonies may be seen in many different civilizations throughout the globe.Here are the reasons why they used to burn sage or use spiritual healing products.

#1. It might be cleansing.

Antimicrobial properties are present in the most utilized forms of sage. They keep infectious bacteria and fungi at bay in this way.Artemisia Ludovici Ana (white prairie sage) is antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Salvia Apian(white sage) is also antibacterial. Both have been demonstrated to be insect repellent.Smudging has been based on the belief that burning sage clears spiritual impurities, infections, and even insects.

#2. It can be a spiritual instrument.

Smudging has been done for centuries to connect to the spiritual world or improve intuition.In ancient cultures, burning sage was used by healers to attain a healing condition — or to solve or meditate on spiritual difficulties.

This also has a scientific foundation. Thujone is found in some varieties of sage.Thujone is somewhat psychoactive. It’s present in various plants employed in cultural, spiritual ceremonies to boost intuition.

#3. It may alleviate the symptoms of some diseases.

It turns out that sage may assist with more than pests and germs in the air.Burning sage releases negative ions; however, this has not been experimentally confirmed. This is thought to assist in the neutralization of positive ions.

If this is the case, persons suffering from asthma, allergies, bronchitis, and other respiratory disorders may find smoking sage beneficial.

#4. It can cleanse or energize certain items.

The advantages of smudging are primarily due to the aromatic smoke produced by burning sage. This incense may be used to smudge oneself or specified areas. You can even smear certain things. This is appropriate for new purchases, presents, and used products. Anything, however, may be smudged.

#5. It may assist in the dispelling of bad energy.

Smudging may also perform as a ritual to purge negativity from yourself or your area. This might include prior traumas, terrible experiences, or other people’s negative energy. This might assist you in creating a favorable setting for meditation or another activity.

#6. It has the potential to reduce stress.

If smoking sage may improve one’s mood, it may also be an effective stress reliever.White sage (Salvia Apiana) is high in chemicals that activate receptors in the brain. These receptors oversee improving mood, lowering tension, and even lessen pain.

#7. It increases the quality of your meditation/nap.

Smudging is also used to protect against negative energy that might disrupt sleep. Sage has chemicals that may aid with insomnia.Garden sage (Salvia Officinalis) is occasionally used in the same way as white sage. It’s also used to help people sleep better and relax.

#8. It can produce an uplifting scent.

This may be the finest of all advantages for some: Pure and simple, sage is a beautiful incense with a heavenly scent. It also works well as an odor controller or air freshener without chemicals.


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