Many people are unaware that there is much more to piloting a drone for aerial surveying than simply turning it on and flying it. This applies to both leisurely hobby flights and paid industrial positions.

There are several things to check your drone for before a flight if you want to fly safely and have your pricey business investment or pastime return safely each time. Therefore, before you look for a drone services company, let’s know the things.

While At Homebase, Complete the Pre-Flight Checklist

When we talk about Homebase, we mean where our drones are stored before the flight. This may be at our houses, in our garage workshop, or in the office where we conduct our photography/videography company. Before leaving on a flight, the following items should check or add to a checklist.

Examine The Propellers and The Drone’s Airframe

Even experienced drone pilots may forget to do this on occasion. Consider props (propellers) to be the tires on your automobile. The vehicle’s only touchpoint with the road is through its four tires. You may involve in a collision if your tires have worn or damaged.

The same is true for the drone’s propellers. They are essentially the point of contact between your drone and the air. And, much like broken tires, damaged propellers can cause catastrophic failure, resulting in a collision or the loss of your drone.

SD card

When you intend to take images or movies, make sure you have an SD card in the specified SD slot. This may appear to be another no-brainer. While it is all too easy to ignore the SD card recently removed from the drone and connected to a computer.

Keeping additional SD cards in your drone’s carrying bag is a simple precaution. Even if you forget and leave the standard card on the computer, you’ll still have a backup while you’re onsite.

Examine The Surrounding Area For Printed Signs

Scanning for written signs is also a good idea. It may be prohibited or frowned upon to launch from specific sites in your region. There are some warning signals to look out for include but have not limited to.

When determining where to establish or fly, a decent rule of thumb is: “Although you can fly from region X, should you?” Get aware of the surroundings and the people in them is critical to having a smooth and uninterrupted flight experience.

Yes, there are occasions when you need to go in and out quickly for a paid job, regardless of who is nearby. In these situations, discretion, as well as adherence to local rules and regulations, may require.

The Drone Its Own

Connect all props, putting the proper props on the respective color motors. The majority of propellers have a color or pattern that matches the color or design of the engine. If the props have not attached to the correct motors, the drone will not take off properly.

When it does manage to launch, it will very certainly crash or fail soon after. While you have a foldable drone with folding props, such as the DJI Mavic or Air series, be sure to unfold/open the props before taking flight.


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