This is not a universal rule that everything should be new and shiny. It’s like buying a slightly used car that can save thousands of dollars. Also, it is worthy to think of buying a lightly used mountain bike that also will save you some dollars.

But, there are some considerable things that you should know about them. While buying a used bike, it may come with some risks. For example, the seller may keep a small crack anywhere in the frame, which is rarely visible. Also, a used item never comes with a warranty.

The riskiest part is that a seller can try to get quick money on selling a stolen bike. Thus, there are more things to consider before you buy a used bike and let’s know them below. Also you should research well before looking for used “cycle gear near me”.

Types of Bike You Need

First, you have to decide whether you need a 10mm or 130mm travel trail bike. Or, a bike with a travel trail of 160mm is suitable for you. It might be overwhelming to identify the bike needs, especially when there are many good bikes out there.

Also, identifying what your riding style is that’s another thing to buy the right mountain bike. So, you have to decide if you need a saddle with days long or you’re just a decent pedaling person. Also, you should ensure which type of metal you like from aluminum or carbon.

Wheel Size

There are both pros and cons of while sizes of small and big while like 27.5-inch and 29-inch or bigger size. If you opt the wheel size of 27.5-inch, it can run more aggressively and quickly than that is of 29-inch. But, you’ll get more traction from a 29-inch while along with rollover availability.

It also gives you more self-assurance over loose and rocky terrain. This is the main reason for the growing popularity of the large size wheel. Moreover, large tires provide you more surfaces on roots and rocks with a higher level of confidence.

The Frame

Another fundamental thing to consider is the frame of the used bike. If it’s in better shape, it means that it has been taken care well and it’s ready to run for some more years. Also, look at the cracks as well as dents when you’ll be checking the frame.

Thus, you’ll be able to find out if it has any issues like bottom bracket, shock mounts, and chainstays. Besides, check out the thin lines of the paint on the frame with the welds. Apply the same thing for the carbon frame as well.

The Suspension

When you find the frame with a good condition, move to the other elements like suspension. Try to understand id they have been serviced, when and why. You need to spend an extra $100 for every piece if you need to pay newly attention to them.

Also, don’t forget to beware of some warning signs, such as visible tear or wear. Try to listen for any type of sound from its creaks, clunks, or clatters that should give you alarming bells.


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