Man weave or cranial prosthesis is simply a nonsurgical procedure to regain hair for men. This procedure has gained prominence and now it’s a very common practice. If you are wondering and looking for ‘man weave barber near me’, there are things that you should know before you actually get this procedure done. In this article, we discuss those things.

Make Sure the Hair Quality is Really Good

Before searching for ‘man weave barber near me’ or ‘best barber shops near me’, see if you have enough money to spend and make sure you get a very good quality of hair. Don’t be cheap when choosing the hair. Cheap quality hair will damage your natural hair and cause problems in the scalp area. Find out the best quality hair and buy it. Check to make sure there’s no problem.

You May Need a Professional Hand

Maybe you take care of your hair really well. But when it comes to getting a man weave, it’s better to get a professional’s help. Getting a man weave may cost you $275 to $800, depending on the saloon, how long it will last, and the hair care you get. Remember, getting a good weave is your goal, not messing it up in first try by yourself.

Is a Haircut Needed

This depends on your hairstylist. He may need some hair on the sides of your head so he can work easily. He will tell you if you need a haircut before getting a weave or not. Make sure the hairstylist is really good who knows very well about the weave.

Endurance and Maintenance

The endurance of your man weave really depends on you. There are weaves that last only a month and there are weaves that last a year. Since it’s a nonsurgical procedure, the maintenance is low. But that doesn’t mean you can just abuse it. Your hairstylist will give you details about its maintenance but usually, it’s pretty low maintenance, so much so that you may only need to wear a bandana before sleeping.

Types of Hairstyles

If you are wondering if you can get customized hairstyles, the answer is ‘yes’. You can. You can get pretty much any hairstyle you want, given your hairstylist knows how to get it done. You just need to point to a picture and show them that that is what you want. However, keep in mind that getting a flamboyant hairstyle will take long hours of work and the cost will also rise.

You need to make sure the stylist is that good otherwise he will mess your style. Usually, they prefer that the customer has some hair on the sides of their head but they can work with completely bald heads, too.


Just like any other style, a man weave is as good as the person wearing it. If you can carry it with confidence, you will look like a stud, but less confidence may look bad on your weave. There are tons of videos on YouTube that will show you how to get and maintain a weave. See those if you need inspiration.


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