If you moved a large number, it may turn you into a real anti-hoarder. So, you’ll wish your every move with an opportunity to dispose of your stuff as much as possible that you don’t want to use anymore. As a result, you’ll be shocked when you visit your friends’ homes or apartments and find they have loads of clothes that they did not wear for a year long.

Along with college course notes, your house may have lots of things that are absolutely useless for you. And it’s a better time to get rid of them while moving to the new location. Donating your old household items is a good way to chuck them out with the help of any affordable junk removal service.

But, you have to do one more thing before you donate them that are finding the options of the donation. Apart from making you less loaded, donating them will save you the trash removal cost as well. That’s why let’s know some tips to donate your use household stuff when you move.

Look for Charities to Donate Old Furniture

If you can donate your useless and old furniture, you can reduce your hauling weight up to 80%. It’s not a little amount if you compare with the waste and their transportation cost. You can start easily the process of finding out of the items that you want to donate. First off, make a detail list of the donating items.

When you have made the list, you can upload it to some sites where your local charities will look for the items from. Also, you can donate your air-conditioning device that offers both cooling and heating for a homeless shelter. And you can donate your carpet and rug to some low-income people.

You can go through your local resale charities that will go to your home with their moving van to pick the items up they like. You can probably find groups that will take this regardless of where you’re living in.

Donate Domestic Items

Although some organizations don’t accept big furniture, they just take the smaller item. These include rugs along with other household items like housewares, linens, small appliances, and kitchenware. If you find the organizations that accept the bigger items, they also take the smaller stuff.

But, when you like to broaden your impact, you should spread out regarding your donations over different charities. For example, there is a charity named the ‘Vietnam Veterans of America’ that picks up everything that is in good condition.

However, they don’t take large mattress or big furniture. They usually accept things like electronics, books, home décor, and many more things.

Donate Your Used Clothes

You’re most likely not going to use the clothes again that you didn’t wear within two years. You can donate them if they’re not badly worn and gently used clothes to some charities like ‘Goodwill’ and ‘Vietnam Veterans of America.’

Apart from donating clothes to these charities, you also should consider helping your local organizations like homeless shelters, outreach centers, thrift stores, and religious centers.


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