Renovating your home means a lot. You might try to polish your flooring by hiring marble floor polishing companies, or you might try some paint works where needed. Everything that changes and make a better look to your home is under home renovation.

You might have tried to paint your wood paneling. But it was either terrific or terrible to look at. However, if you follow some tips, you’ll be able to get the job done the right way. The tips have gathered from the pro painters and arranged them independently.

According to the pro painters, great preparation work is the first thing to get an excellent paint task. So, if you start with planning and proper preparation, you’ll be successful in whatever you set as your goal.

Also, it’ll help you to avoid hiring home interior painting services to accomplish this task as you can do it yourself. Well, without making any more ado, let’s some practical tips for the painting of your wood paneling.

Clean the Wood Paneling

As wallpaper glue, hairspray, and all kinds of oils disrupt the paint, they can cause an undesirable paint job. If you have wood-paneled walls near a bathroom or kitchen, they need to wash before you start painting.

Also, you should at least dust all other paneled walls, and it’s better a give them a better wash. You can make savings by doing it your own, and it’ll not take lots of time as well.

Scuffing Sand & Mask the Room

Begin this job by drying the surface regardless of the wood paneling has varnished and stained. Also, you can use it if it contains a veneer. In the range from 180-girt to 220-grit, you need to sand the paneling in light with sandpaper.

You should keep in mind the point it’s not regarded to take out the varnish layer or gloss. But you want to scrape the surface to prepare it for cling the paint. If not, it’ll scuff off as naturally as it frosts from a car windshield.

When it comes to making your room, it’s to prepare your room to paint. It’s vital to mask off the whole thing that doesn’t need to get paint. In this case, you should use painter’s tape as well as plastic sheeting for the best results.

Prime Your Surface

As per the recommendation of the pro painters, spray the coat of primer at first. You must spray wood that will give you an optimum and smooth finish. A severe coat of paint can cause a beautiful line of carpentry, and it’ll lose the sharp edges.

 As a result, it makes things look as if it has dished in the paint. In this issue, you can rent a sprayer for a day, or you can buy a new one from the market to continue your painting tasks.

Apply the Coat

Before you start applying the coat, fill its imperfections sand it again. Now, it’s time to spray the top coat and begin with the paint’s fuller layer. But, avoid getting so heavy one that you make runs and drips. To use on the topcoat, you can get latex-type color.

But, if you want long-lasting and smooth results, you should use oil-based paints. When it is dried, sand it lightly and clean the loose things. And spray a thinner topcoat on your wood paneling.


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