You could be shocked due to very often attacks of your websites regardless of being a new or experienced WordPress developer or a web design Melbourne. Also, it’s a matter of wondering who and why it is doing this sort of activity.

The answers to the questions are very simple. In the maximum number of cases, an automatic bot is the main culprit here. And you’re one of their targets because of you making or developing websites on WordPress, WP as a website design Melbourne Australia professional.

As WP is the most popular and widely manageable content management system (CMS), it’s the direct crosshairs of the bad actors like brute-force. Among the different types of attackers, this one is the largely used one. And this is the subject of today’s discussion.

Simple Ways to Defend

Fortunately, you’ll find some ways to defend the brute-force attacks to your WordPress based websites. Initially, you should go with the most basic things to protect your sites. These include using tough passwords and always use something else as a username avoiding ‘admin’.

These two things alone will make your site stronger to fight back against the attacks. Apart from these simple steps, there are some more and highly powerful ways to defend your sites.

Put A Limitation to Your Login Page

On account of the setup of your web server, you can think about blocking your WordPress login to the specific users or groups of IP addresses. For example, if you’re using an Apache server, you can do it using the file extension of .htaccess.

But, the issue is that this planning largely depends on having a static IP address of the administrators. When it comes to corporate surroundings, it’s likely to be a big issue. However, the scenarios could be much hard to use this method.

Password protection is another way to protect your WP sites and their login pages at a higher level. As this method is a bit useful, it’ll help you keep your websites protected.

Consider Using a Plugin

You’ll find a large range of WP plugins that offer great security for your sites. It’s because they come with different features that are handy to defend against the attacks of brute-force. Among others, the most popular feature is the ‘Protect’ of Jetpack that will help you to block useless login attempts.

Also, there is Wordfence and it uses some different login measures like 2-factor authentication, brute-force protection, and reCAPTCHA. It has an auxiliary plugin, which has solely focused on the higher security on your WP sites.

Employ a Firewall/CDN

CDNs are not just enhancing your web performance; it also offers the benefit of working as a blockage between bots and your WP websites. Also, the CDN providers offer the feature of blocking the IP address and even an entire country to prevent accessing your websites.

But, it depends on the service provider you use. In the same way, you can also protect particularly targeted websites by stopping the attacks of brute-force. Thus you’ll be able to protect your WP websites for these attacks.


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