When you learn nuances typography, then you will find it confusing. And you may know there is some difference between sans-serif and serif. And do you have any idea about the usage of them at the right time?

But do you know anything about subtypes of dozens? Four types of primary and standard fonts you may use for web design. Don’t you know where to start? We will give some suggestion about typography.

Regardless of website design Melbourne Australia, you will be able to make a perfect design for the website.


This font is for professional and standard designs used by the best web design company Australia. And these kind of stylish typefaces are made for a tiny dash to extend for the stroke of every letter. For a long time, a serif is using for significant passages print. Besides, they provide websites a sophisticated and old-fashioned tone.

An ordinary serif font is perfect for any condition. Such as body text, headers, large or small size, long or short copy. And they will avoid only small sizes. But some claim that serif is not clear.


And sans-serif was rejected for more standard cousins. However, legible and bold typefaces are being used to present simplicity, efficiency, and modernity. These fonts lack the tiny strokes of every letter at the end.

And the result is more worthy of the small size. This font is great for all trades. It looks great in all kinds of length and breadth of text. And you can apply it for minimalist or modern vibe.


This font shows its calligraphy or cursive and handwritten style. And it brings the perfection of serifs, including beautiful and authentic design. However, you can dislike serifs because the script is not legible. Moreover, it should not use for a passage or text body.

But it looks good as short quotes, logos or headers. If you want something unique, you can try the script font. Because of its extraordinary nature, the typeface is difficult to classify. However, here are some individual categories in it.


This font is a unique one. The decorative font is using for harder text and single sentences. But it is not designed for legibility. And the reason for its design is style. Sometimes there is a symbol font also.

And it displays letters in different ornaments such as objects and faces. It may use for decoration. Decorative and display font are using for large sizes. And you can apply them anywhere.

Create Best Font Palettes

And now you know the usage of all kinds of the font. This is the perfect time to design your project with a font palette. Most of the website is using 2 or 3 top typefaces. These are a body and header font.

Besides, you can use script header and match with body text or elegant serif with attractive sans-serif style. And you can try some fonts. Select a bold typeface and adjust it with the right body font. Moreover, you can experiment with different fonts because the choice has no limit.


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