At any time you need it, you may withdraw cash from an ATM. Yet, ATMs are often attacked by criminals who are want both cash and personal data. It’s vital to be aware of how to keep oneself safe while using an ATM. 

It’s important to exercise care while withdrawing money from an ATM so that you don’t become a victim of theft or fraud. While taking money from an ATM, always keep your guard up. Here are a few pointers and suggestions. Let’s proceed before you look for the starting a ATM business.

Choose a Safe Location for the ATM

The location of your ATM plays a crucial role in maintaining its safety. Use an ATM in a busy, well-lit location to reduce your risk of being robbed or assaulted. You should avoid using an ATM in the middle of nowhere if possible.

CCTV cameras, alarms, and armed security guards are commonplace in banks and other financial institutions to keep consumers safe. Moreover, thieves involved in fraudulent or thieving operations are less likely to target these areas.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Always be alert of your surroundings while withdrawing money from an ATM. Criminals often wait outside an ATM to steal unwary customers of their money or personal information. Check the area surrounding the ATM to make sure no one is waiting for you. Don’t use the ATM without an ATM machine placement contract if you see anybody who seems suspicious or makes you feel uneasy.

While utilizing an ATM, it is always preferable to err on the side of caution. You should avoid using the ATM at night and, if at all feasible, do it during the day. Make sure the area is well-lit and has a high volume of foot activity if you must use the ATM late at night.

Cover the Keypad

One of the easiest and most efficient methods to secure your personal information is to cover the keypad while entering your PIN. Thieves may access your bank account and take your money by using skimming devices or concealed cameras to record your personal identification number. 

Even if thieves get your PIN, they will have a more difficult time accessing your account thanks to this measure. Your PIN should be changed, and your bank contacted promptly if you have any reason to believe it has been compromised.

Check for Skimming Devices

Criminals often use skimming devices to acquire bank card and PIN numbers from ATM customers. These devices are compact enough to be mounted to the card reader of an ATM. The magnetic strip on your debit or credit card may be read and stored in one of these devices.

Furthermore, make sure the card reader and the keypad are compatible with one another. Thieves might cover the genuine keypad with a fake one to steal your PIN. Something may be wrong if the keypad is shaky or the keys are difficult to push.

Always err on the side of caution since skimming devices may be hard to see. Don’t use the ATM and contact the bank or authorities immediately if anything seems amiss.

Don’t Share Your PIN

Protecting your PIN is as vital as protecting the physical card that accesses your ATM account. Never tell anybody, not even close friends, or relatives, what your PIN is. Someone you trust might still divulge your PIN to an unauthorized third party.

Be sure that no one can see you enter your PIN while using an ATM. Hide the keyboard from curious onlookers by covering it with your hand or with your free hand. Be cautious about using an ATM in a public setting unless you are certain that no one is observing you. The authority also should take some precautions before starting a ATM business.


Using an ATM safely demands constant monitoring and prudence. You may lessen the likelihood of falling prey to ATM fraud if you follow the advice given below. Don’t forget to cover the keyboard, look for skimming devices, and never give out your PIN while using an ATM. 

Always go with your gut feeling; if anything seems odd, put the machine away. With these measures in place, you may confidently use ATMs to withdraw money. The authority also should take some precautions before starting a ATM business to ensure customers’ safety.


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