A bite or two of candy is a delicious way to indulge in sweet pleasure. The only way to improve this sweet is to add wine! Here are some sweet and wine combos to whet your appetite! Perhaps you’re planning a “treat yourself” day with chocolates and champagne.

Or maybe you want to munch some chocolates and have personalised engraved wine bottles! So, whatever the reason, candy and wine combinations are enjoyable but difficult to master.

Therefore, before you look for “engraved wine bottles near me,” let’s know more about this issue.

Milk Chocolate

If milk chocolate is your favorite sweet, try it with a Pinot Noir! Milk chocolate is a lighter chocolate that typically contains condensed milk. This is making it much sweeter than black chocolate. Pinot is a light-bodied red wine that complements milk chocolate since they have both light-bodied.

So, the bright crimson tones of the wine complement the creamy milk chocolate wonderfully. The delicious tastes of raspberry and cherry will give the milk chocolate a fruity undertone!

Sour Candy

This is a delicious combination of sour and sweet! A sweet Riesling is an ideal wine to pair with this combination of tastes! Sour candy is often sour at first but gradually becomes a sweeter pleasure!

The Riesling cuts through the candy’s tartness, resulting in a more balanced sweet/sour flavor. Sour candies go great with Bright Cellars’ Sunshower Riesling! So, the sweet taste characteristics of the wine will help cut through the sourness of the candy.

Peanut Butter

Chocolate & peanut butter are a delicious combination of Bright Cellars office favorites. Zinfandel is an excellent wine to mix with this sweet dessert. Zinfandel has frequently characterized as “jammy.” As a result, the flavors in the vino frequently taste like fruits that have turned into jam.

The combination works so well because it tastes like peanut butter, chocolate, and jelly sandwich! How delectable does it sound? So, the jammy taste notes will complement the peanut butter excellently.

Fruity Candies

Several fruity candies are out there available. Peach rings, skittles, candy fish, and fruit chews are some of our favorite fruity candies! A sweet rosé wine pairs well with fruity candy. Rosé features strawberry, rhubarb, and rose petal flavors.

All of these flavors complement the fruity flavors of the candy. So, both will complement one other and bring out the tastes without dominating one another. Furthermore, we believe that rosé and fruit candies have the same fun-loving spirit!

White Chocolate

We all know that white chocolate isn’t true chocolate. But that doesn’t mean it’s any less wonderful! White chocolate goes great with Moscato d’Asti! Lemon, Mandarin orange, and honeysuckle tastes can find in this wine. So, the wine’s bubbles and tastes will cut through the richness of the white chocolate.

Licorice (Red)

Are you a Twizzlers or a Red Vines fan? Whatever red licorice you want, mix it with a Gamay! This red wine features tastes of red fruits, violet, and peony. So, the red fruit and flowery aromas will complement the strawberry notes of the red licorice.


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