Shoes are essential things. They not only protect our feet but also keep them warm. Some people acquire an obsession with shoes to the point where they own hundreds of pairs. Good quality shoes are more expensive. But, they are typically worth the expenditure.

While many shoes are available at extremely low rates, they have typically constructed of poor materials and will not last long. Finally, inexpensive shoes might wind up costing you a lot more.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need to care about your shoes so they can look after you for as long as possible. So, before you look for burgundy men dress shoes, let’s know the tips to take care of your shoes.

Clean, Clean, and Clean

Dirt, sweat, and filth are the natural enemies of high-quality footwear. We understand. That six-hour trek was tiring, and spending eight hours on your feet every day at work has depleted your energy reserves.

But consider men’s grey casual shoes or other shoes. Leaving all of the dirt on your shoes may degrade the materials over time. Sweat trapped within your shoes isn’t much better.

Apply Some Waterproofing Spray

Often these good shoe retailers provide a variety of items designed to care for your shoes. Waterproofing spray is one such product. This spray is essential for new shoes, especially those made of suede.

By sprinkling an equal coating of this spray over your shoes, you’ve created a protective barrier that will keep water out. This is especially beneficial in places where the water includes a variety of contaminants.

Add a Tiny Sole

If you’ve spent a lot of money on a pair of shoes or boots that you’re going to use a lot, it’s a good idea to take them to a cobbler and have a thin rubber sole put to them. This will extend the life of your beloved shoes, new or old.

And if you’ve had them for a while, you will be able to retain them for an extended time. Another advantage is that the additional sole layer may be one with greater traction.

Use Baby Powder the Inside of the Shoes

Foot smell is not a funny issue. And it may drive relatives and friends away faster than a charging bull. It’s humiliating and disgusting. Sweat that accumulates in your shoes is also harmful to your insoles.

Moisture left in your shoes will deteriorate the insoles, and the other nastiness in perspiration will hasten the degradation. When you’re not wearing your shoes after a sweaty day, put some baby powder inside them.

Get a Shoe Care Kit

To properly care for your shoes, you need to invest in a shoe care kit. A decent shoe care kit will include everything you need to keep your shoes clean and in good condition.

Look for a shoe care set containing stiff shoe brushes, a soft shoe towel, shoe polish, and a shoe conditioner or crème. Make sure it comes in a convenient carrying bag. So, you can bring your shoe care kit with you when you travel.


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